I don’t know what to tell you, where to begin. Well very honestly, my life has never been so simple despite its inevitable complexity and you know you are the reason behind it. Your companionship has been, by far, the best thing that has happened to me. With every step that I have taken with you, my difficulties as an individual have only seemed less difficult because you handled them with grace and great care. I knew this friendship was not an ordinary one when you stood strong by me in the greatest crisis of my life. Much stronger than I myself was. From the very first time I met you to this day, it sure has been a journey of a kind and I thank the universe for such a sweet conspiracy. I don’t know what lies ahead, where will we be a few years down the line but one thing I know for sure: now is the time of our life. 


Have you changed?

The times have changed,
so have the days and
so have you, I guess.

The way you sometimes
look at me – makes me feel
like time has stood still.

The way you understand
my unconveyed emotions
amazes me to the core.

The way you attune to
my thoughts, makes me feel
as if they are your own.

The way you try your best
to bring out the best in me
what can I even say about that?

The way you consider me
important, makes me smile
at any given moment.

The way you instill
an immense faith in me
restores my lost hope for life.

So tell me, you
have you changed?
Have you really?

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