Holding Your Hand

It’s the most beautiful form of entanglement, 
which I’m not at all afraid to be involved in. 
It’s the most pristine touch I’ve experienced, 
that gently brings me to life in lows and highs. 
It’s the happiest realization that strikes me:
to be close to the one who matters the most.

A Meaningful Synergy

He asked her as she was sitting, wondering what to say next but gladly smiling that he was around, “Which symbol do you think our relationship represents?”

She was taken aback in awe. A question like that she hadn’t heard before.

“Well, give me a while to ponder upon this. I’m a slow thinker and you know that.”

He smirked, nodding that he did.

The next day, she had the found the answer, “I think we’re the yin and the yang. You know the yin and yang, right? In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang is a symbol that shows synergy between the good and the bad. The symbol consists of a white half and a black half portraying goodness and badness respectively. But, the white portion has a little black in it, showing that even what is the best has a flaw of some kind. The little white in the black shows that even what is seen as bad entirely has innate goodness within. So, although they are contrary to each other they are interconnected. In our case…”

“So you mean one of us is good but still has some sort of imperfection to bear, and the other one is mostly flawed but carries some sort of goodness?” he cut her off.

“No, that’s not what I mean. That wasn’t all that I wanted to say. In our case, we’re the yin and yang of our own kind. I see the symbol as a complementary connection between two contradicting ways of being. Neither one is good or bad. So, let’s say if I represent the black, and you the white. The little whiteness within me speaks of the understanding that I bear towards your way of being. And, the little blackness within you tells me that you understand me even when you’re not entirely like me. Even in our differences, we come to find each other at some place. That’s how I feel we complete each other. That’s how we make a team.”

Now, he was smiling, “I love you.”