Did this city need an emergency to breathe freely and thrive?
Outside my building, I see trees moving, more carefree than ever.
I observe clear skies from my balcony recalling distant dreams.
I feel sun rays piercing my skin with the fervor of a lover’s touch.
Hadn’t we all forgotten that even breathing is such a luxury?

Did this city need an emergency to come to terms with reality?
How much of what we own matters in this period of ordeal?
How many of those we know have extended their hands to us?
Do we know what is keeping us alive in this prolonged calamity?
Hadn’t we all been taking the availability of life for granted?

Did this city need an emergency to learn interdependence?
We were all so carefree in how we impacted other lives.
We thought when it comes to others, ‘it doesn’t matter.’
Now, we know we all draw from the same repository of life.
Haven’t we only been thinking about ourselves, our needs?

This city is now throbbing even under the looming danger.
This city is now recovering from its mystifying insanity.
This city is now spacing itself from the unwanted chaos.
The city is now painting itself in hues, colors, and shades.
This city is now alive—it is breathing in the fullness of time.


Put to thrive in between these moist walls
that smell like yesteryear, containing the lost
fragments of my being which still linger on.

Asked to breathe freely in these confined spaces
which still cage the vivid memories of times
when I couldn’t even breathe with windows open.

Encouraged to thrive in this unifying oddity
with flashes of experience when things around
were clearly falling apart without permission.

As I summon the courage to render these thoughts,
I wonder whether everything going on, is merely
a comedy of errors or life’s expression of interest.


Tears catch me off guard at times,
without permission they just flow.
Under the enormity of the misery
they just shamelessly occupy me.
The more I try to resist the force,
the more they forge from within.
They bring back the flashbacks
and wash them all in an instant.
And yet, long after they are gone
the pinch just keeps on lingering.

Awareness | Intention | Purpose

You are under surveillance
you so are being watched.
They are waiting for you
to slip up even if that be
for a very brief moment. 
So they could point at you
so they could question you
so they could have a laugh 
at your entire belief system, 
tell you that you’re hypocrite. 
So, should you be worried?
Well, not quite as much as
you think you need to be. 
Ask yourself three questions
every passing day, instead.
What am I doing? (Awareness) 
How am I doing it? (Intention)
Why am I doing it? (Purpose)