Awareness | Intention | Purpose

You are under surveillance
you so are being watched.
They are waiting for you
to slip up even if that be
for a very brief moment. 
So they could point at you
so they could question you
so they could have a laugh 
at your entire belief system, 
tell you that you’re hypocrite. 
So, should you be worried?
Well, not quite as much as
you think you need to be. 
Ask yourself three questions
every passing day, instead.
What am I doing? (Awareness) 
How am I doing it? (Intention)
Why am I doing it? (Purpose)


In that flicker

There was a distant flickering,
not piercing enough but visible.
I wondered what that illumination
could be, stepped forward to see.
With each step, my vision started
getting more and more blurry.
Upon the closest encounter with
the source, I was taken aback.
For all I could see were the forgotten
parts of me, whirling together in it.

To Today and Tomorrow

Some instances can be haunting.
Some nights can be daunting.
Some moments can be taunting.
Yet tomorrow will be a redemptive new day.
They will listen to what you have to say.
As not what it seems but what you convey.


Escape if you want to.
Escape if things seem wrong.
Escape into the reign unreached.
Escape from the dilemmas bestowed.
Escape from the guilt of living many lives.
Escape from all that you want to escape from.
Escape for as long and as far as you want to escape.
Escape until you find the lost pieces of your lost existence.
Escape, blocking out what is said, unaffected by the mockery.
Escape to meander, assess and rethink the values that you live by.
Escape, but try not to kill others’ hopes through your singular stampede.

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