Did this city need an emergency to breathe freely and thrive?
Outside my building, I see trees moving, more carefree than ever.
I observe clear skies from my balcony recalling distant dreams.
I feel sun rays piercing my skin with the fervor of a lover’s touch.
Hadn’t we all forgotten that even breathing is such a luxury?

Did this city need an emergency to come to terms with reality?
How much of what we own matters in this period of ordeal?
How many of those we know have extended their hands to us?
Do we know what is keeping us alive in this prolonged calamity?
Hadn’t we all been taking the availability of life for granted?

Did this city need an emergency to learn interdependence?
We were all so carefree in how we impacted other lives.
We thought when it comes to others, ‘it doesn’t matter.’
Now, we know we all draw from the same repository of life.
Haven’t we only been thinking about ourselves, our needs?

This city is now throbbing even under the looming danger.
This city is now recovering from its mystifying insanity.
This city is now spacing itself from the unwanted chaos.
The city is now painting itself in hues, colors, and shades.
This city is now alive—it is breathing in the fullness of time.

Thoughts To You From One Of Your Own

Dear readers,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and hopefulness. If you’re unhealthy at the moment, I wish you the speediest of recovery. If you’re confused, overwhelmed, and paranoid, I hope you find a ray of hope for yourself. But remember, you’re not alone. The crisis has engulfed all of us. We’re in this together.

For the first time in my life, I’m reflecting on the magnitude of human interconnection. I’ve come to realize how each of us can affect the lives of so many people around us. It’s like a thin fabric of existence is holding all of us together. We might think that the impact of this interconnection is negative at present because of the viral pandemic. I’m just visualizing—what if this was true for something positive? Imagine if we all believed that we’re capable of creating a positive ripple effect in the lives of people around us, in whatever capacity possible. Wouldn’t that be so beautiful? I’m sure life wouldn’t stop hurting us even then. Maybe the pain of living would decrease to a certain extent.

With so much uncertainty that is around us, it’s difficult to see through the situation. Nobody knows what will happen ahead. Nobody is sure if they’ll come out of this situation all well. We’re all in an undefined period of confinement—physical and emotional. And, all we can do is hope to get over this situation soon. But, I also think this moment calls for us to stop and reflect upon our lives. We usually wouldn’t do this on any given day. We’re busy running after this and that all the time. And, as sad as that is, I feel we should make the most of this moment seeing through ourselves, making sense of what we’ve been up to, and trying to find a way ahead for ourselves.

We can make use of these moments of stillness to re-evaluate our choices, our relationships, our pursuits—in the sense of approaching them with more coherence. Most of the time, once we fix our eyes and mind unto something, we don’t even stop and question—if we’re deriving meaning from them or if we’re contributing to them. We just keep going on without giving enough thought to what follows. So, it may be a good time for reconsidering some of our choices and doing more of what helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This period also calls for us to redirect our despair and paranoia into gratitude. Let’s take this moment to thank all those people and instances that have helped us become who we are—through the thick and thin. Let’s reach out to those who’ve been wanting to hear from us—those whom we forgot to think about, in this race of getting ahead and proving ourselves. Most importantly, let’s thank ourselves for being there in all the highs and lows we’ve faced even if sometimes we didn’t want to, in the first place. The good news is, we’ve made it to this point. I mean, we lived through all the comedy of errors.

We’re subject to fragility at the moment. There’s so much to contain and so much to process. So much to take care of and so much to maintain. But, maybe there’s a bigger picture to this, that we can’t see at the moment. Until we do, let’s keep rooting—for ourselves and the people around. Let’s wait patiently for this turbulence to slow down and for the calm to get restored eventually.

We’re in this together!

One of your own


Life’s fragile.
More fragile than
we can ever imagine.
To feel the assurance of
that ever-flowing breath now
and not feel it the next moment.
Wonder what can be so unpredictable,
so startling, so gripping, so unimaginable.
Yet what can be done is just going along with it,
openly receiving what each day has to give,
and adding value with each step we take.
Just being: being here and now as time
unfolds its magic and uncertainties.
Just cherishing our existence even
on days we don’t want to at all.
Just cherishing this journey
because life’s fragile.