I don’t know what to tell you, where to begin. Well very honestly, my life has never been so simple despite its inevitable complexity and you know you are the reason behind it. Your companionship has been, by far, the best thing that has happened to me. With every step that I have taken with you, my difficulties as an individual have only seemed less difficult because you handled them with grace and great care. I knew this friendship was not an ordinary one when you stood strong by me in the greatest crisis of my life. Much stronger than I myself was. From the very first time I met you to this day, it sure has been a journey of a kind and I thank the universe for such a sweet conspiracy. I don’t know what lies ahead, where will we be a few years down the line but one thing I know for sure: now is the time of our life. 


Choosing You

I knew I had to make a choice
between thriving in the given oddity
or experiencing the thrilling waves
in your blissful companionship.
I knew the journey would not be
all rosy and only about good things
but in all my senses and serendipity
I am glad to have chosen thee.

I feel love is…

Love is but
a spiritual marriage
of two minds attuned to
compassion and
deep care.

Love can’t be forced.
Love can’t be seized.
Love can’t be imposed.

A relationship is but
a slow process of
building, nurturing
and adding value
to a bond
beyond all others.

A Relationship can’t be forced.
A relationship can’t be dragged.
A relationship can’t be built in a day.

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