What Even?

In the ambitious hopes of tomorrow,
we lose what little nice, today can be.
In the anticipation of what still isn’t,
we ruin what is there in our hands.
In the pride we haven’t earned yet,
we mostly let go of what matters.
In proving ourselves as ‘somebody’,
we often forget who we really are.
In the gripping fear of the final call,
we die small little deaths every day.


Captives of our own mind,
we think—the world,
the people, are strangling us.
Have you ever wondered this
could be a distorted reality?
Maybe it isn’t the world.
Maybe the people aren’t
entirely responsible.
Then who is to be framed?
Who is actually the culprit?
Could it be you?
Given all the time you’ve beaten
yourself up so bad, for small
inadequacies and inconveniences.
Could it be I?
Given all the times I’ve created
stories of defeat for myself,
even if others saw me as a victor.
Could it be us?
Given every time we victimized
ourselves for being treated this
way and that way?
Could it be us?
For showing ourselves rays of hope,
but never really doing anything
to sprout change?
Could it be you?
Could I be the problem
for myself?
But, if it’s you for yourself, and I,
for myself, who are the villains?
Why you, of all the people?
Why I, of all the people?


Tears catch me off guard at times,
without permission they just flow.
Under the enormity of the misery
they just shamelessly occupy me.
The more I try to resist the force,
the more they forge from within.
They bring back the flashbacks
and wash them all in an instant.
And yet, long after they are gone
the pinch just keeps on lingering.

Sailing in the Extremes

Escaping, diverting, redirecting, aren’t the options.
And, what do you even try to escape? Yourself?
Just sit, will you?
Sit with the whirlwind of your negative thoughts.
Just feel, will you?
Feel the dire intensity of those negative emotions.
Don’t push them away for they will grip you even tighter.
Don’t try to silence them for they will shout even louder.
Don’t even try to avoid them for you know you just can’t.
Just give them some time, to say all that they want to.
Just give them space, to arrive and leave as they like.
Don’t attach to them. Don’t try to judge them.
Just calmly ask them where have they come from?
They’ll take you to the unkempt parts of your being.
They’ll help you see yourself in a different light.
They’ll make you know yourself better than you do.
You might like to think they’ll kill you because they
are negative, but they’re actually here for a save.
They are here to save you from yourself.