To Today and Tomorrow

Some instances can be haunting.
Some nights can be daunting.
Some moments can be taunting.
Yet tomorrow will be a redemptive new day.
They will listen to what you have to say.
As not what it seems but what you convey.



Escape if you want to.
Escape if things seem wrong.
Escape into the reign unreached.
Escape from the dilemmas bestowed.
Escape from the guilt of living many lives.
Escape from all that you want to escape from.
Escape for as long and as far as you want to escape.
Escape until you find the lost pieces of your lost existence.
Escape, blocking out what is said, unaffected by the mockery.
Escape to meander, assess and rethink the values that you live by.
Escape, but try not to kill others’ hopes through your singular stampede.

The Living Paperback

In between the
pages of life
lie so many
pleasures and
so much of pain,
so many losses
so much to gain;
long meanderings
and the ceasing
humdrum dealings,
so much there is
to uncover and to
savor-faire that
a lifetime may
not be enough,
sometimes even
a day can be.

Living Deliberately

Getting back
on your feet
is not easy,
trying to do that
every single day
is what matters.
Living it
larger than life
is not easy,
living one day
largely, at a time
is what matters.

Choosing You

I knew I had to make a choice
between thriving in the given oddity
or experiencing the thrilling waves
in your blissful companionship.
I knew the journey would not be
all rosy and only about good things
but in all my senses and serendipity
I am glad to have chosen thee.


Maybe all of us seek someone
to contain that we’re unique beings
in this universe full of magic.

Maybe all of us need someone
to make us love ourselves, despite
knowing that it is inevitable.

Maybe all of us await someone
to clean our wounds and heal them
even if we ourselves could have.

Maybe all of us want someone
to teach us the meaning of this life
while we could have been at it.

Slaves of the self

We believed, we tried, we began,
We thought change was easy
We convinced ourselves that it
was just a matter of few days,
We experienced satiation, upon
taking charge of our own lives:
a day, a week, a month, the rigor
survived but started to weaken
and one day, it died; exhaustion
had taken its toll on the carefree
misbelief that effort multiplies
on its own sans constant care,
that’s how we chained all our
beliefs, attempts, and actions ever.


Will this struggle ever take a shape?
Will this hollow feeling ever surface?
Shall these strangling moments pass too?
Would life someday be a little less ruthless?
Will the incautious river ever have an answer?
Will I stop hitting the rock-bottom at the dead end?


i am made of calm and chaos
i express dreams and disgust
i let go of ecstasies and ego
i survive wonders and windstorms
i smile of fearlessness and facade
i believe in magic and in mundane
i am thoughtless and thorough
i aim to exist as well as escape
i am living but i am socially lifeless

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