The Inevitable

Struggle for character,
Struggle for consistency.

Struggle for meaning,
Struggle for perseverance.

Struggle for freedom,
Struggle for growth.

Struggle for calmness,
Struggle for sortedness.

Struggle for values,
Struggle for beliefs.

Struggle for identity,
Struggle for differentiation.

Struggle for life,
Struggle for death.



Life’s fragile.
More fragile than
we can ever imagine.
To feel the assurance of
that ever-flowing breath now
and not feel it the next moment.
Wonder what can be so unpredictable,
so startling, so gripping, so unimaginable.
Yet what can be done is just going along with it,
openly receiving what each day has to give,
and adding value with each step we take.
Just being: being here and now as time
unfolds its magic and uncertainties.
Just cherishing our existence even
on days we don’t want to at all.
Just cherishing this journey
because life’s fragile.

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