Running Circles

I felt it streaming down slowly
when I was staring at the walls
of my existence, of me, the extant,
(those tears of ambiguity).

I felt it reaching out to me
saying something, as the darkness
was praying on the bits of me
(that squeaking inner voice).

I felt it dancing wildly to the
maddening notes of mayhem
as I was trying to stand still
(the stupid soul set on fire).

I felt it beating me to the core
with no ruth or reck of any kind
as I was going inside my shell
(the dubiety of my being).

We’ve got your back!

It is sure a blessing to realize that
there are people who care for your
well-being more than you do.
It is indeed a bliss to be around
people who have your back every
step of the way and who value you.
It sure fills you a surge of gratitude
on being told that your presence
is missed when you’re not around.
It sure makes you feel at peace with
the universe when you have people
who are there for you all the time.


It’s unbelievable how you can feel
loved and lost on the very same day,
in a moment you can feel as light
as a recklessly floating feather,
in another moment you feel as if
the universe is exploding within you.

What can you do but wait until the
moment shows some mercy again!
What can you do but stay still until
the waves of anguish calm down!
What can you do but persevere
for this shall pass too, it has to!

Emotions at odds

The realist in me may not desire to express
but my inner voice speaks volumes of your
niceness, of your fervor and spontaneity.

The realist in me may not wonder or wander
romantically but my soul feels happy to be
nurtured by your passionately loving nature.

The realist in me feels grateful that even after
being at odds with each other, you my mate, are
ready to give me my own space and comfort.

The realist in me may not say this time and again
but you matter, your entirety matters, your presence
sure does, and so does this love that we call ours.