Circumstances bent.
Choices hollow.
Steps arrested.
Eagerness evermore.
Despair imposed.
Anxiety surmounted.
Helplessness abundant.
Disappointment invited.
Worthlessness mirrored.


The Difference

All this time, I was questioning myself,
“What will people say?”
Today, I asked my fearful self,
“What have you been doing for yourself?”
I thought all that mattered was what people thought about me,
Now, I realize I should just be who I want to be.
I was thinking, over thinking, resenting.
Now, I am reflecting, realizing, relishing.


I was face to face with myself today.
I wasn’t saying anything nor was I.
I was a whole lot of nervous, I felt the same.
I was skeptical about my own approach, so was I.
I had so many thoughts floating in my head, so did I.
I uttered the first word. “Hi!” So did I, “Hello!”
“Not bad,” I thought to myself, so was my thought.
I smiled with a feeling of comfort, I reciprocated.

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