What’s your destiny?

What’s your destiny, you will have to find out
it could be right now that you are living it,
it could be the memory that is dead
maybe you have to go back and shake it
it could be something that you gave up on
but now you have to be willing to take back
it could be something you have never imagined
so swim along, dive in, envisage what it could be
it could be something you never get to realize until
it’s too late, but who cares, at least you will know
it could be lying in between the pages of your
notebook, remember to keep turning them often
it could be manifest in someone’s sweet smile
which when you finally see, you’re set free
it may be pressed under the burden of your thoughts
a little mindfulness, in that case, might be of help
it could be intertwined with someone else’s destiny
so enjoy that walk with your partner in crime
it could be that your destiny is to live until you can
until you’re alive and until you have to ask for more
it could be that you don’t believe in destiny like me
but breathe, because you surely do believe in life.


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