If tomorrow starts without
registering my name on it,
I shall not regret, for what
has been that I have not had,
I shall take that last walk as if
it was my very first one,
I shall fill my lungs with
memories both told and unsung,
I shall breathe last like the first
when I cried; thanking this life.


A step closer to self

A gust of realization
hit me today:
I sang with passion
in the yesteryears,
sang through the
lows and highs
yellows and blues
but when you left
I stopped finding
immense joy that
I did in crooning
day and night,
I stopped relishing
my musical love
but now I will resume
for myself, for my
love for everyday
and I hope you too
hum your tune
no matter what
life has to offer.
each day.

So shall I

I thrive on strangeness and so shall I
I create the art of jeopardy and so shall I
I breathe in the beats of music and so shall I
I cage and free myself to and fro and so shall I
I seek asylum in the realm of words and so shall I
I reflect on the stories of my experience and so shall I
I live by my own randomized randomness and so shall I


nights you kept drawing
walks to the swing parks
running after dragonflies
falling in muddy ditches
crying for the lollipops
begging to avoid school
laughing at littlest tickles
playing with street puppies
asking too many questions
always wanting to hear tales
running throughout the day
pillow-fighting with siblings
hugging mom before bedtime
tirelessly trying to count stars
watching cartoons all day long
hating to do the homework
picking flowers from the garden
throwing stones at trees
eating mangoes from a bucketful
playing pranks on friends
games you wish never stopped
naps were the ever favorite
dreams of doing this and that
aspiring to grow up real soon
now I wish I had not

Under the Streetlight

She stood still looking up
at the vast infinite sky,
searching for that reflection
of her being in that vastness,
until her eyes fell on the
radiance of a pale yellow light
as the sky gradually darkened.

She realized that she was that
yellow street light, subjecting
herself to find meaning in the
darkness of life, she realized
that the wide stretch of the sky,
wasn’t what she needed to
turn to, but her own deep being.

Laugh it out!

So maybe you can’t catch the string
of that dream you’ve been chasing,
you can’t find purpose in what you do
that makes you clueless and bewildered.

So maybe you aren’t valued as much as
you value someone with utmost reverence,
or the one you love with keen passion
doesn’t care to even respect your feelings.

So maybe you’re struggling to weave
a story from the fragments of uncertainty,
and you can’t move forward despite trying
hard, hard enough to transform things.

So maybe you’re stuck, but the universe
is watching and it will give you back
what you want, until then laugh it out
because things could have been worse.

Things and Self

Tranquility is born
the moment
we begin embracing
the weirdness
the depth
the magic
of this

Meaning is found
the moment
we turn away
from a
thousand things
and choose
what we love,
self is the only
answer ever.

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