Watched over

All the time I bathed in ravenous rage
All the time I ceaselessly complained
All the time I beat myself with darkness
All the time I saw no good in myself
All the time I cried until my tears dried
All the time I thought life was worthless
All the time I consumed unconsciously
All the time I found faults in others
All the time I resented my decisions
All the time I wandered into the unknown:
Buddha watched me from a distance
and he just smiled.


To that departed soul

You have taken the steps to
enter a world unknown,
you have willingly traveled
to a realm of mystery.
You shall not need the
suffocating air now
nor endless pieces of advice
to thrive successfully.
You shall not have to
work hard day and night
to make a living and
and try to buy happiness.
But, hey beautiful soul
had you searched for
another soul to emote,
to share your mind, you’d be.
You would be here –
a palpable body, walking
through the journey of life,
living, loving and laughing.


Sometimes I forget where I am
among the things that barely change
to the day I see those things change,
significantly enough.
I measure the path that brought me
where I stand today
Today, which is not like a day before—
when I pretended to know everything.

Quest for Meaning

We are the hypotheses of stardust
molded into flesh and bones,
set on a tedious journey
to find the meaning of our lives.

In our quest, we often forget that
even you, you and I, all of us,
give meaning to the things around,
to this life, and this inestimable universe.

We’re the microcosms of the universe
We’re the expressions of life
not solely the inducers of endless,
restless and ruthless interrogation.

Often we miss the ‘essence of being’
in search for answers we won’t find soon;
so, let’s also remember that – we are
because life is and life is because we are.


green one sighs in relief and I imagine the forest
green one whispers and I feel the grasses under my feet
green one chirps and I hear a grasshopper approaching
green one squawks and I listen to a parrot mimicking me
green one hops and I see the slimy frog springing
green one expresses deeply and I fathom the sea’s depth
green one wonders and I think about the fertility of life
green one questions and I say the art of survival
green one smiles and I smile back with hopefulness
green one pronounces and I come alive afresh
green one envisages and I imagine a journey of growth
green one ensures and I am relieved and safe
green one embraces and I embrace harmony


I was cared for, loved,
watered and
He called me his
But, I was plucked
before I could
I was plucked even
before I could
I couldn’t live up to
my zeal and
I was plucked,
squished and
I was disconnected
from life, light,
and love.
The one to pluck me
was the one who
cared for me.
The one to squish me
was who called me
He kept me in a book
called, ‘The Forty
Rules Of Love.’
How ironic, for he
seemed to me
like god.
That God who gives life
to all of us and
also ends it.
My God didn’t return
nor he did open
that book.
I still lie in between
the two confining
I have been here for an
and eternity and
But, I hope I am found
someday, and I am
If you ever find me in
the book, please
rescue me.
If you ever find me in
that book, please
take me away.
If you find me, keep me
safe, as a symbol of


Burn yourself in sadness, feel it shrink your skin
Dive into your darkest truths, feel it flood your lungs
Hit yourself hard with past, feel your blood clot under the bruises
Suffocate yourself with all that couldn’t be, try to feel your deadening pulses
Block your vision from seeing the distant, feel restlessness clinging to your spine
Hate yourself as much as you can, feel the self-loathe running in you instead of blood.

But ask yourself, my dear:
What will endless persistence to sadness give me?
(Bouts of excruciating pain that you don’t deserve.)
Where will infinite darkness take me? 
(To places where you don’t belong.)
What will stirring the past, do to my present?
(Chaos, it will bring you immense chaos.)
What will I achieve by suffocating myself for the things I couldn’t do?
(You will stall your soul to lifelessness, not death.)
What will constant restlessness do to me?
(It will have you hanging between the abyss and the underneath.)
Until when will I keep savoring the self-loathe?
(Till you perpetually turn blue and can’t look at yourself in the mirror.)

Find small pleasures that give your life its meaning.
Walk holding the hands of those who will show you the light.
Smile at your past, let it rest in peace and it will set you free happily.
Brace the blessing of the what you have now, you will do better than you did.
Adapt to calmness, it will help you pick the baggage that you would love carrying.
Believe in the impermanence of hopelessness; love the solemn self instead of loathing it.


The life that we live
the smile that we give
the things that we perceive
are nothing but our choices.

The paths on which we walk
the things about which we talk
the memories that we stock
are nothing but our choices.

The emotions that we convey
the actions that we delay
the people from whom we go away
are nothing but our choices.

The stories that we knit
the values to which we commit
the vulnerabilities that we admit
are nothing but our choices.

The anticipation of what’s to come
the nurturing of who we want to become
the tunes of triumph that we hum
are nothing but our choices.


To my utter consternation,
my homeland has been a synonym of isolation,
but have we paid enough attention to this situation?
Let’s for a moment reflect on this complication,
have we also in this, made a contribution?
Let’s keep walking, working and wishing until we find a justification!

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