we are messy
we are miraculous
we are surficial
we are deep
we are naïve
we are adept
we are vivacious
we are stoic
we are empty
we are full
we are within
we are without
we are fearful
we are undaunted
we are faceless
we are heroes
we are robust
we are fragile
we are poetry
we are prose
we are still
we are moving
we are living
we are dying
we are we
as we are



I thought I was just a mess
braving the storms of my own
choices, values, and dreams;
but I found so much comfort
in his keenness to collect my
chaotically dancing fragments,
I couldn’t help but smile.


these grasses i step on
hybrids of green and brown
a little soft
a little rough
i leave them crushed
as i walk in my garden

i consume a portion
of the slowly moving air
embodying void
but as i proceed forward,
the parted air
entangles on my back

the grasses that were
relentlessly crushed
oppose my plot,
regain their stance,
the void that i embodied
is no more a void


Don’t value me for it’s not worth it
Don’t trust me for why even will you
Don’t count on me for I’m infinite and fake
Don’t nourish me for I’ll feed on you someday
Don’t share with me for you’ll end up heavier
Don’t befriend me for I am really not the best
Don’t come close to me lest you want to burn
Don’t peer into my being for all you’ll see is hell
Don’t try to make me smile for I love reality
Don’t try to give me anything for I cannot return
Don’t treat me good for I cannot reciprocate
Don’t go for my behavior I am dark and deceptive
Don’t believe what you see in me for I am a delusion
Don’t come to me for clarity because I am blurred.


that voice is intent on repeating your name
with utmost reverence
that voice is intent on shouting out loud for you
amidst the cryptic chaos
that voice is your only lullaby sometimes
when you are troubled by the silence
that voice is your well-wisher
that voice is your lover
that voice warms you like the sun,
that voice is also moon’s light
that voice knows you better than you do

that voice is your self-calling