A Random Conversation

“Can I ask you a question?” she said.

“Sure do,” he said.

“Why do you drink?” she asked. “Oh wait! Before, you take it otherwise, I have nothing against drinking. This is, you know, just a random question.”

“Well! I drink so that I can relax a bit. I drink to contemplate in a more focused way. This may sound weird I know but for me, drinking is not about pouring down anger or making loud noises. I drink to relish complete silence, utter silence. I don’t drink until I feel that life’s going downhill. And rest assured, it’s a secluded process for me; I don’t harm or bother anyone in the process,” he answered smiling.

“That’s a really good self-knowledge,” she said smiling back.

“Why do you ask?” he said, intrigued.

“Hmm…I guess this a part of me. You better get used to this. I keep asking questions to people I am close with. One reason I do so is that – well, I don’t know. Another reason could be an endeavor to understand people’s emotions and thoughts better. My questions are even more random than I am. Someday I may even ask you questions like ‘what color is the sky beneath the blue? Why is water transparent? Why do we cry tears and not blood?’” she explained with a sigh.

“That’s fine. I am ready to answer whenever you ask me one. I will answer those questions soon,” he said. “Those are some really good questions, ma’am.”

A passage of laughter followed.

“You know sometimes I make myself think so hard, I have to pass it on to others in the form of questions. No kidding. Even I think about those questions,” she confessed.

“And do you find answers for yourself?” he asked.

“Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t,” she said.

“Those are the only two options,” he added giggling.

“I have a question as well. I used to think about this question a lot but couldn’t find an answer.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“Let’s say you’re closing your eyes at the moment. Close it. So you’re closing your eyes and when I ask you to open them, imagine there’s nothing. By nothing, I mean nothing at all. Not even me. Everything in the universe is gone and you’re witnessing it. What will be the first color that you see?” he said.

“Maybe it is the color of vacuum. I have always wondered how vacuum looks like. I don’t even know if it has a color. I think when there’s still numbness around you and you can’t feel, hear or touch anything around you – that is the vacuum. But even as you peak into the abyss and find nothing around you, you can still see vacuum,” she said after a careful thought.

“Vacuum. The vacuum can’t be felt, touched or heard but can be seen. Hmm…” he spoke to himself with a tint of peace in his voice.

“And, you know what? When you wake up to a realization that there’s just you in the universe and nothing else around – maybe you are the universe then. So, in that instance, maybe you don’t see colors. You hold all the possible colors within you and radiate them in search for some other universe.”

They both sat still gazing into the unknown. A speechless conversation had found its way.

“I think I just found my answer,” he said after a long pause. 

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