Don’t fog your breathing inwards,
stop suffocating yourself.
Don’t try to change the futility
of some small human minds.
Don’t resist the flow of change
you will suffer ceaselessly.

What you need is an outlet
to express yourself.
What you need is fresh air
to breathe, to continue the beat.
What you need is the time
to reflect and regain fortitude.


what you consume, consumes you
what you resist, hits you hard
what you hate, makes you hateful
what you scorn, makes you rigid
what you destroy, destroys you in lieu

what you construct, helps you create more
what you accept, makes you believe more
what you love, makes you more compassionate
what you appreciate, germinates the good in you
what you breathe life into, helps you live

Have you changed?

The times have changed,
so have the days and
so have you, I guess.

The way you sometimes
look at me – makes me feel
like time has stood still.

The way you understand
my unconveyed emotions
amazes me to the core.

The way you attune to
my thoughts, makes me feel
as if they are your own.

The way you try your best
to bring out the best in me
what can I even say about that?

The way you consider me
important, makes me smile
at any given moment.

The way you instill
an immense faith in me
restores my lost hope for life.

So tell me, you
have you changed?
Have you really?

Sincerely, your friend

Dear friend,

I want you to know that it really hurts me when you’re sad. I can’t go to the roots of your emotions and cure them which makes me feel helpless, hopeless, and pathetic even. I know life’s treating you bad and you have had to go through so many tests, time and again. But, I request you to not let the despair consume you so much that you lose yourself in this journey.

I should have been a support all this while but when I see you suffering – I break into pieces. And, when I reach out to you, I cannot assure you well that things will be fine because I myself am not whole. My voice quivers even before I can say anything.

I don’t know what time shall bring forth but I want you to believe that there’s goodness hidden in every despair. I want you to believe that life’s testing you again and you shall come out with flying colors. I want you to know that no matter what happens there are people who love you and look up to you. I want you to know that you brighten the lives of many people with your smile.

I also want you to know that I will be there whenever you need me to help you carry that baggage. To listen to all your pain and to give you a shoulder whenever you need to shed some tears.

Your friend