The night

Hush at the closure of the day
And let the night creep in.
Let the birds fly back to their tree houses
ending the commotion in the sky.
Let the sun, bow down to the horizon
and enlighten some other land.
Let the stars burn themselves
and glow brightly.
Let the dew drops fall
on the leaves and the grass blades.
Let the wind blow silently
comforting the chaotic minds.
Let the darkness assimilate
everything, let it spread.
Catch your breath
Let the night creep in.

Minimalism Says

Materialism says, “You need this. You need that. You need everything.”
Minimalism says, “You need to figure out what you need.”

Materialism says, “Lift that bag up. It’s got exciting things.”
Minimalism says, “Keep the baggage down.”

Materialism says, “You don’t have enough.”
Minimalism says, “Enough is enough.”

Materialism says, “Things are what you should value.”
Minimalism says, “Does that thing add value to your life?”

Materialism says, “Consume.”
Minimalism says, “Contribute.”

I feel love is…

Love is but
a spiritual marriage
of two minds attuned to
compassion and
deep care.

Love can’t be forced.
Love can’t be seized.
Love can’t be imposed.

A relationship is but
a slow process of
building, nurturing
and adding value
to a bond
beyond all others.

A Relationship can’t be forced.
A relationship can’t be dragged.
A relationship can’t be built in a day.