Love reborn

The wounds that we behold
in this universe, this body of ours
inflict agony that may seem like a haze.
But when the haze clears
we come across a beautiful poetry:
a love reborn for life.


The stories we tell

I am one but
I am not the only one;
hardships and happiness,
both spare no one.
Let’s move ahead,
and stroll along this journey
called ‘Life’ and we will have
better stories to tell.

Look within

“So what do you think is bliss?” she asked. “Is it when you can’t tell the difference between pain and pleasure?”

“No dear, that is euphoria – an imagined state of being,” he said, smiling.

“So what is bliss then?” she said.

“Bliss…hmm. It is a feeling of pain in the pleasure and the pleasure in the pain. It is what makes you look within and not let you feel scared of your inner-being. It is what makes you not care about what people say but what the voice inside you says.”

“Can you feel the bliss?” she said.

“I guess. Sometimes. Do you?”

Taking a deep breath, she said, “I guess I need to look within.”

Last Prayers

I see a tree on the verge of death
all of its leaves have departed
only to kiss the brown soil
and break down into it.
I see its hands rising up
as if saying its last prayers:
asking for a long period of peace.
And then I see a flock of birds
coming from nowhere to sit on the tree
peace – the old creature has received.

Work in progress

I have been hurt
I am healing,
I have been confined
I am growing,
I have been shattered
I am gathering,
I have been paled
I am glowing,
I have been shooed
I am expressing,
I have been critiqued
I am constructing,
I have been hated,
I am loving,
I have been judged
I am letting go,
I have been suffocated
I am breathing,
I have been killed,
I am living.