Dear friend!

Dear friend, when I look at you
I can think of nothing
in my entire consciousness
more beautiful than your face.
And hey, just so you know
I can’t be any Shakespeare
to describe how much I like
your face in extravagant detail.
I also hope you know that
it’s not just your face but your
entirety that brings me immense glee
I cannot experience from elsewhere.
Sometimes I can’t help but laugh
at how lucky I am
at how kind life has been
to bring you into my life.
Let me also tell you, my friend,
that nothing else comforts me
more than being beside you and
imbibing the silence deep within.
I surely realize that the bond we share
is that of an unlikely friendship
which is immaculate, insane and filled
to the brim with selfless concern.
Dear friend, I love you,
like a monkey loves a pigeon
an odd combination but
even together, against all odds.


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