The inexplicable feeling

No, I’m not the depressed kind. Yes, I’m pretty much happy with my life. But then…there are times you know. Times when you see someone else getting nostalgic about their not so good past. And, you just feel like you’ve been hit by a hammer that cuts open your resilience and all your vulnerability just oozes out, uncontrollably. Then you’re on the floor, shrinking, crippling, crying – trying to stop it.

I mean have you ever felt that way – when tears trickle down someone else’s eyes and it just shakes your subconscious? A shaking so strong that you feel you’re the one crying but you’re actually not.

Okay, no I don’t mean that you’re struck by a realization that you’re alive. You pretty much know that you’re alive already. And, this not even a realization, you know. It’s like you’re stuck by the lightning of some strange emotion.

It’s like waking up from a sleep when your eyes were actually open all this while. And then, you see this one person emoting so vividly that you feel you were always surrounded by this emotion invisibly. But you never saw it approaching you because you were busy sipping that latte of yours, trying to make things relevant and being out there.

Well, I still can’t explain…!


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