“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”
-Anne Frank

I write because I am an unconditional lover of words. Words — that we speak, hear, see here and there, think about, and materialize on the papers. I don’t write because I am good at it, I do because writing makes me feel alive like no other thing does. I write to weave my thoughts in ink.

I write to hear that voice within me speak, the voice that guides me through everything, just about everything. I write to be able to understand things. I write to know what is what and what is not. I write to express the things that I cannot speak. I write to summon the remembrance of moments bygone. I write to translate all that I envisage. I write to connect my inner-self with my outer-self — that the world sees. I write to emote, to let go of the load that prevents me from moving ahead.

I write to be clear about my beliefs and perceptions. I write to react, I write to release. I write to possess, I write to process (my thoughts). I write to be in harmony. I write to explain the impact, the eternal nature has on me. I write to be broken, I write to be gathered. I write to be shaken, I write to be still. I write to be angered, I write to be at peace. I write to be unaware, I write to be awakened. I write to reject, I write to accept. I write to take things for granted, I write to value. I write to realize, I write to reassess.

I write to flow with the time. I write to blend in the hues of bliss. I write to experience all that is. I write to be inspired. I write to hold the pen in my fingers. I write because I love to write. Writing is my salvation.

Welcome to ‘Her Thoughts In Words‘, a self-reflective journey of my emotions, ruminations, and imaginations. For what it’s worth, I truly believe that writing is a passionate pursuit that has helped me become closer to myself by letting me express all that is within.

Please feel free to explore through my stories, poetry, write-ups and letters to myself that reflect the miscellaneous parts of my being.


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